If you’re looking for magic spells that “really work,” chances are you have attempted a ritual or set an intention before, got your hopes up, only to find out that nothing seemed to happen. What gives?

In order to make a spell or intention “work” you first need to understand what magic is, and what it isn’t, and how it works in a real life, practical way. If you’re relying on a Hollywood-based concept of magic, you’ll be disappointed.

The 101

When you think of the supernatural, what comes to mind? Witches, ghosts, vampires, werewolves? You probably pictured them in your mind’s eye. But none of these legends are as ancient as the origins of magic itself.

Magic is as old as humanity itself. Throughout history, humans have practiced magic to manipulate and control the physical world. They exchanged spells and incantations in rituals, and they believed spells were woven from powerful words, incantations, and symbols.

Over time, these magic traditions changed. Some of the oldest magic traditions came from ancient Egypt and Greece. These civilizations were some of the first in the world — and they also had a religious reverence for magic.

Today, the word magic can have a negative connotation. It conjures up images of bad magicians who cast spells to make people disappear, or witches who fly around on broomsticks and brew potions.

But modern magic is more about harnessing supernatural energy. There are those who believe that magic is simply the natural force of the universe that can be harnessed through meditation and focus. Others believe that magic is simply manipulation of energy patterns. And still others believe that magic is a manipulation of mental energy, like hypnosis.

Regardless of what you think about magic, it can be discovered and used in everyday life. So, how do you start practicing magic?

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Science is Magic that Works

Within each of us exists an unseen force that manipulates our world. From the simplest to the most complicated, our reality is shaped by our thoughts and emotions. And yet, it remains a mystery why these invisible forces work the way they do.

In 1998, while carrying out an experiment at Stanford, two physicists accidentally stumbled upon information that could unlock this mystery. They discovered that our thoughts and emotions produce forces — invisible, but very real — that can be observed in the laboratory. This discovery, which has come to be known as “the science of magic,” was revolutionary.

And it changed everything…

Today, we are finally beginning to crack the code. Through radical new experiments that employ cutting-edge technology, we are coming to understand how the brain and mind create matter.

We are discovering how those invisible forces interpret our thoughts and intentions, and use our minds to do what is otherwise impossible. And it is leading us to a radical new understanding of reality.